Relative Tech Company Introduces New, Longer Lasting Shingles Sure to Revolutionize the Kansas Roofing Market

In an area like Wichita, Kansas that experiences significant amounts of rain, hail, high winds and tornado activity; it’s no wonder that an innovative company like Relative Tech Company would look to cook up different ways in which they can make the area they call home safer for those who live there. That is why after years of experimentation and effort, they are ready to introduce to the world just what they have invested so much time in perfecting: a revolutionary type of shingle.

Relative Tech Company’s new shingle is not only able to withstand winds in excess of 200 miles per hour, but its fully reinforced, hybrid synthetic and rubber design is designed to withstand the persistent rainfall and hail all too common in the area as well. What’s more, it’s cutting edge self-adhesive technology protects the roof’s underlayment so as to ensure that powerful winds do not lift up and cause them to become dislodged as is the case with more traditional asphalt shingles. These are just some of the many features sure to change the way roofing in Wichita Kansas is done.



The technological advances that went into creating Relative Tech Company’s proprietary, self-adhering adhesive material not only keeps shingles in place in some of the most violent weather conditions, but is easy to install as well. The injuries roofers suffer as a result of trying to maintain their footing on a slope while managing the use of a nail gun and cord are numerous each year. With Relative Tech’s new design, this no longer has to be a concern.

Although Wichita has been Relative Tech Company’s test market for their innovative shingles; they are hoping to use their success in this market to create other designs as well. Their goal is to continue to develop products that will be useful in protecting homes in other domestic and international markets as they have here at home.